26 PLAYINGITSAFE SUPERVISORS PUT OSHA’S TOOLBOX TALKS TO WORK In addition to staying compliant with OSHA’s training requirements, Con- struction Pros goes the extra mile by taking advantage of the free Toolbox Talks provided by OSHA. A newToolboxTalk is posted each month on the OSHA website. A variety of topics are addressed, from personal protective equipment to tool safety to emergency preparedness. The 2017 talks have focused on various aspects of working with portable ladders, including“Transporting Portable Ladders Safely” and “Seven Things You Should NEVER do with a Portable Ladder.” Training materials include a sign-in sheet to document who was present at the meeting and to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to safety. Eric Burnett, Narma Stepanow and other supervisors lead the Toolbox Talks on Construction Pros’ job sites. The time dedicated to these mini-training opportunities allows crew members to review best practices and opens up a discussion on matters related to safety. Communication is key, explains Stepanow, who has more than 40 years of experience in the industry. “With as many as 50 people on a job, things are moving at a pretty fast pace and so everyone has to be on the same page,”he says.“No one wants anyone to get hurt. We are all here to make a living and we all want to go home at the end of the day.” For more information on OSHA’s Toolbox Talks, visit www.OSHATraining.com.