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At Construction Pros of NJ, we have more than 20 years of expertise in the sub-contracting industry. In early 2018, we launched Panel Pros, a new division dedicated to meeting the growing demand for pre-fabricated metal wall panel systems.

Construction Pros of NJ has earned the trust of top developers in the New York metropolitan area seeking to shift from on-site to off-site wall panel fabrication. We have established ourselves as the leaders in the East Coast for our capability of managing the wall panel creation process from engineering and fabrication to installation.

Why go with prefab structural steel wall panel systems?
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Light Gauge Load Bearing Panels

  • Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Welding

Bar Joist & Deck

  • EcoSpan
  • Hambro
  • VulSpan


Pre-fabricated panels offer developers and general contractors many incentives, most importantly the ability to save the two most precious commodities in the construction industry: time and money.

  • Accurate Budgets: Tighter estimates up front. Cost efficiency when compared to other systems
  • Faster Schedule: Minimize onsite construction time. Capacity of 15,000 square feet per week
  • Fast Track: Rentals/sales months ahead of time
  • Innovation: Market proven and time-tested engineering and technology. Structurally compliant 5 to 20 stories
  • Control Cost and Time Overruns: Eliminates on-site mistakes

The complete package.

Our metal wall panels are designed and built at our state-of-the-art 40,000-square-foot panel shop. Once the panels—and the job site—are ready, they are loaded onto a truck, delivered and installed. By opting for pre-fabricated panels, developers can expedite their projects by weeks, if not months. The wall panels for an 8-story hotel in Berkeley Heights, for example, went up in just two days per floor. Anything we can do to speed up the production on site saves everybody time, and that translates into money.

Have you met the Jobsite PS800?

Rather than relying on outside sources, Panel Pros produces its own studs using the Jobsite PS800 Steel Stud & Track Roll Former. We buy raw material at the needed width, form it, cut it to size and punch the holes in the specified locations. It’s all about control, from the costs to the timing to not worrying about weather conditions.

The Jobsite PS800 steel stud machine roll forms steel stud and track members for use in wall, floor and truss framing. The standard machine produces stud & track members from 3 5/8″ (92.1mm) to 8″ (203.2mm) widths and 26 gauge to 14 gauge steel. Producing at 75 feet per minute, this is the fastest machine on the market.