BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS Crossing Paths During the Development Boom The Cove on the Bay, a mixed-use development in Keansburg. Tennessee-Green, a multi-family com- munity in Atlantic City. Linc 32 and Linc 52, two five-story mixed-use buildings at Tony Galento Plaza in Orange. Construction Pros has crossed paths with Inglese Architecture + Engineering on these and numerous other projects over the years. As a result, a level of comfort and trust has devel- oped between the two firms, which according to Construction Pros Managing Partner Al Best, share the same“roll-up-your-sleeves”philosophy. Inglese is a full-service architectural and engineer- ing firm founded by Jak Inglese, AIA, PE, specializ- ing in multi-family, commercial and retail projects. By offering in-house services in civil, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering, in addition to their architectural and design services, the profes- sionals at Inglese maintain close control of various aspects of each project. Anthony D’Agosta, Associate Partner/Architect, says the firm has worked with Al Best in various capacities for about 15 years. “We have a pretty rich history on a number of jobs,”D’Agosta says. “Al and his superintendent Eric Burnett have been very helpful.” Their latest collaboration is a 9-story mixed-use building in Keansburg for which RPM Develop- ment chose to hire Construction Pros to fabricate metal wall panels (page 20). “This developer has done nearly all of their buildings with panelized wood construction,” explains D’Agosta. “They thought that going with a metal panelized route would provide them a construction typology with a bit more familiarity. Construction Pros has performed well, running a pretty tight timeline and delivering to this point.” Like Construction Pros, Inglese Architecture + Engineering is poised for growth during the current development boom in the northeast. “We look forward to being alongside Construc- tion Pros and continuing to grow with them,” D’Agosta says. 18 KEANSBURG